About us

The company AMTEQ Bohrzubehör GmbH was founded on July 1st 1994 in Celle by the today`s managing directors Ralf Beutler and Stefan Drengner.

One of this Major topics an targets was to serve the industry with best quality products and affering the best solutions for all their differnt drilling projects. To optimized our system and philosophy the whole AMTEQ-group is working with an quality control system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and an activ SCC-Managment.

We are very happy to offer our service all the time. No matter if it is day or night, Sunday or christmas. Try us.


The AMTEQ-Group was created by three members.

AMTEQ Bohrzubehör GmbH

Trading company for drilling accessories for the oil & gas, waterwell and geothermal drilling industry. Since 2006 we are building up a production line for several drilling related products.

W. Schneider Gewinde- und Hochdruck-Reinigungs GmbH

The company is specialized in different services in the drilling industry which are following:

  • Thread an pipe inspection
  • Thread an pipe cleaning
  • High pressure and tank cleaning
  • Pipe installation and installation managment for Fiberglass pipes

Blasting and Coating Department

This department is serving all different industries with their services:

  • Sandblasting
  • Glas-Peening
  • Ceramicblasting
  • Low pressure rotation stream blasting
  • Dry ice blasting
  • Industrial coatings


The world`s first oilwell was drilled by a scientific Prof. Dr. Georg Christian Hunäus in Wietze near Celle. The target was to find Lignite, nobody thought about oil. This was the beginning of the development of the oil industry with a strong local affect. A lot of well known oil + gas related companies are located in and around Celle, that is the reason why Celle has the nick-name „Houston of Germany“. This tradition has to be followed by us since July 1, 1994 and we are offering the best solutions with our products and services.

Milestones of the company are:

01.07.1994AMTEQ Bohrzubehör GmbH was founded in Celle to serve the german market.
01.09.1994Movement to Nienhagen due to more space requirement.
01.05.1995Movement back to Celle due to bigger warehouse requirement and business extension to Austria and Switzerland.
01.01.1996Foundation of the sales office Vienna/Austria and business extension to Eastern- and Southeastern-Europe.
01.06.1996Foundation of the sales office Dubai/U.A.E to be stronger in the Middle East market.
01.12.1996Establishing the first business relationship in Japan.
01.08.1997Establishing the first business relationship to Scandinavia. The start-up of sales activities in the HDD and geothermal drilling industry.
01.02.1998Planning of the sales and service center Celle.
01.02.1999Movement to the new sales and service center in Celle, Heineckes Feld 20.
01.05.1999Movement of the daughter company to he new property in Celle, Heineckes Feld 20.
01.02.2001The P. Brömme Sandblasting was bought 100% and established as an own profit center „Blasting and Coating“.
01.05.2002Movement of the Blasting and Coating department to the sales an service center in Celle, Heineckes Feld 20. We have started a total new, modern and state-of-the-art blasting and coating center which is one of the biggest in Northern Germany.
01.04.2004Business extension to Poland, Tschech Republik; Slovak Rep.Croatia.
01.08.2006Start planning a joint venture in Africa.
01.10.2006The complete crew of the AMTEQ-group is proud and happy to serve more than 500 customers in 26 countries on 4 continents on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
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